Monday, October 31, 2005


Slmwbt...sorry 4 d long bz with d exam..still have 7 papers to go..

I began to feel homesick the last few days. (Saturday-When d college officially closed for RAYA Holidays, and when most of d students were leaving d college..the feeling strangely and painfully elevates. Nak baliiikkkkk!!MAybe i really miss d home..(tmbh2 dah nak dekat raya dah ni..) n d college also become more lengang after ramai yg dah balik kmpg..just 100> of us (those who got physic n maths paper were still here, setia utk meneruskan perjuangan di medan peperiksaan..hehe)

God, I'm am soo officially stuffed with informations and facts and figures.(statistik punye pasal..Can't stop thinking how wonderful it is when exam's finally over and I will finally go back to my beloved home sweet home..huhu..Owh..mg2 belajarku betul2 kerana Lillahi..Aamiin..

Sometimes I wonder if I'm really being optimistic and happy everyday. At one point, I will start feeling pressure that I don't even know where it comes from and want to cry. Like today. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone that can give you a hug whenever you need? yes. I said whenever.Friends can't do that because they can only give you hugs when they see you. Now I really want my mum n my dad. Those that I really want to hug..owh..really miss em'

But,Kpd shbt2 yg berada kat kolej ni..if we realize..a lot of hiKmah dat we hv gt tru..Just think.Think why ALLAH has choose us to stay here, when d others already got on their bed at home.. tidakkah kita merasa bertuah, kita masih berpeluang melakukan solat terawih beramai2 di kolej yg tercinta ni.. diberi peluang oleh Allah utk merasai saat2 akhir RAmadan di dlm suasana yg totally different compared if we r at home rite now..mungkin tidak bisa utk kita bersama2 beribadah di surau, bertadarus dan sebagainya jika tidak ditakdirkan utk terus berada di sini..

In conclusion, don't dwell too much over what you don't get, and you will be liberated. You will then be able to say "AlhamdulilLah, I am thankful that ALLAH has created me the way I am.." Wallahua'lam.

The more you want somthing, the harder it gets. Will you give it up or will you keep on trying because you just want it so bad? even if it hurts? well,ketahuilah bhwa dat's only Allah's way to make our spirit strong.. usaha,doa tawakkal k..

All d best!! MAá taufiq wannajah..
WAlau sampai pagi raye, sy redha.. =p
because I know Allah knows the best for me..

Kita adalah hamba...

walaupun di pagi raya.

Hamba selamanya... =p